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Collectively, as the State of Kansas' IT Leaders, we will manage the state's Information Technology capability in a way that is:

Financially Responsible

Financially Responsible

We will be efficient with the State's resources, and ensure they are committed to projects and assets that deliver the most value to the people of Kansas

Highly Performant

Highly Performant

We will ensure the State's mission-critical systems and data are responsive, reliable and secure

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2011-11-07 - Executive Order 11-46

Mar 26, 2014

Executive Order 11-46

WHEREAS, there is a need to establish and increase efficiency and uniformity and to achieve cost savings in the use of information technology within the Executive Branch of state government; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to K.S.A. 75-7205, the Executive Chief Information Technology Officer (the "Executive CITO") within the Department of Administration and reporting to the Office of the Governor is best positioned to further these goals; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to K.S.A. 75-7205, the Executive CITO is charged to maintain a presence within and to advise and consult with each Executive Branch agency on all matters relating to information technology;

NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Kansas, I hereby direct and order that all non-Regents Executive Branch agency information technology directors and all staff performing information technology functions in all Executive Branch state agencies, departments, or other entities under my jurisdiction shall report directly to the Executive CITO.

Furthermore, the Executive CITO is directed and charged, in addition to the duties set forth in K.S.A. 75-7205, to manage and order Executive Branch information technology systems in a uniform, efficient, service-oriented, and cost-effective manner. The Executive CITO is directed and charged to deliver information technology services, both within the Executive Branch and to all Kansans who interact with the Executive Branch through information technology systems, in such a way so as to further the priorities of service, effectiveness, prevention of fraud and abuse, and adaptation to developing technologies.

This document shall be filed with the Secretary of State as Executive Order No. 11-46 and shall become effective immediately.