Members of the Information Technology Executive Council (ITEC)

Appointed by the Governor:

Cabinet Agency Heads
Phyllis Gilmore, Secretary for Children and Families
Sam Williams, Secretary of Revenue

Non-Cabinet Agency Head

County Representatives

City Representatives
Mike Mayta, CIO, City of Wichita

Private Sector CIO
Jay Kim, Leawood

Ex officio Members
Shawn Sullivan, Director of Budget and Business Processes
Nancy M. Dixon, Judicial Administrator
Randy Watson, Commissioner of Education
Blake Flanders, President and CEO, State Board of Regents
Sarah Shipman, Secretary of Administration
Chief Information Technology Officers (CITO)
     Kelly O'Brien, Judicial Branch CITO
     Donna Shelite, Executive Branch Interim CITO, Chairman
     Vacant, Legislative Branch CITO

Chief Information Technology Architect (Non-Voting)
     Vacant, ITEC Secretary