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Kansas Information Technology Architecture Review Board

The Technology Architecture Review Board (KTARB) is responsible for keeping the architecture up to date. It evaluates agency requests for waivers, analyzes projects referred to it to determine architectural compliance, and makes recommendations to the Information Technology Executive Council on changes and extensions to the architecture. It is chaired by the Chief Information Technology Architect. Its membership includes the Chief Information Technology Officers from the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches and the chairs of the six Technology Architecture Subcommittees. The Subcommittees are staffed from the State's technical expert community who provide the basis of technical architecture decisions.

KTARB Sub-Committees

Platform Subcommittee System Management Subcommittee
Network Subcommittee Application Subcommittee
Security Subcommittee Information Management Subcommittee

The Technology Architecture Review Board:

  • Addresses information technology architecture issues and provides policy, standards, guidelines, or procedural recommendations to the Chief Information Technology Architect and the Information Technology Executive Council
  • Initiates and recommends specifications for statewide Information Technology Architecture specifications
  • Reviews proposed programs and projects referred by Chief Information Technology Architect and makes recommendations regarding their compliance with technical architecture standards
  • Contributes to and supports the State of Kansas Information Technology Architecture Specifications through review and revision as necessary
  • Promotes coordination and cooperation among state organizations’ to achieve effective utilization of the Technology Architecture
  • Addresses other information technology architecture issues at the request of the CITA and the ITEC and makes recommendations thereon