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About Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft's hosted service providing email, calendaring, contact storage, and task management in the Cloud. It runs at a certified Microsoft data center within the United States. Users access their email account from either the Outlook desktop client or via the internet using Outlook Web App (OWA).

How to Login

After migration, you will use the address below to access  your email.


Things to do Before Migration

As a current Outlook email user the migration to Office 365 is pretty simple. There are just a few things you should be aware of before the migration.
  1. Since you already use Outlook today there are no actions you need to take prior to the migration to Office 365. You'll continue using the same Outlook client to access your email after the migration.
  2. Your email address MAY change. If you currently have an @ks.gov, it's likely to remain. However, in order to consolidate across multiple Agencies, we are requiring a minimum of <First Name>.<Last Name>@ks.gov.
  3. All of your Outlook settings (shared mailboxes, shared calendars, email signatures...) are preserved during the migration.
  4. Every user will have a new way to log in to your computer (network User ID). This new User ID will allow Same Sign-On across the email environments. You’ll be notified of your new User ID as we get closer to migration.

Things to do Before Migration from Lotus Notes

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Things to do After Migration from Outlook

Once your account has been migrated, you will likely want to log in, get things as you like them, and reconnect to any resources that are shared with you. 

Things to do After Migrations from Lotus Notes

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What's New With Office 365

Depending on your Agency's security, Office 365 gives users the ability to easily access @ks.gov mail from anywhere (office, home, mobile device, even a kiosk in Paris) "virtually anywhere access" without the need for VPN access. O365 is compatible with all mobile devices (Apple iOS, Android devices and Blackberry). User get 50GB of mail storage space with the ability to share their calendar and free/busy information, retrieve contact information, remotely wipe mobile device if lost or stolen, recover deleted email items (up to 14 days after being deleted) without intervention from the IT support staff. O365 also offers built-in anti-virus, malware and anti-spam filtering along with encryption at rest for all data, SSL encryption from client to Exchange server and TLS encryption for data while in transit over the internet. 

Most importantly O365 provides a built-in disaster recovery, business continuity solution, with high-availability servers and fail-over to a back-up data center during a disaster.

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