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Outlook Web App (OWA) Training

As most end users will continue using your Outlook Client on the desktop, we will focus on providing you material focused on the web applications. As you explore, your app launcher might contain more or fewer tiles than our example. The app launcher you see depends on what's included in your Office 365 subscription. Also, these links are external resources; again your experience may be slightly different depending on your subscription.

Start using Outlook Web App for email and calendars (Office.com)

Meet the Office 365 app launcher (Office.com)

Outlook Web App Help; Basics, Meetings, Sharing... (K-State.edu)

Spam & the Quarantine Filter

To access your spam-quarantined messages in the spam quarantine without waiting for the daily digest:

  1. Specify the following URL in a web browser: https://admin.protection.outlook.com/quarantine
  2. On the sign in page, specify your valid Office 365 user ID and password. After you’ve signed in and been authenticated, you’ll be directed to the end user spam quarantine page.

Image of the O365 Quarantine Display

By default, spam-quarantined messages are sorted from newest to oldest on the RECEIVED field. SENDER, SUBJECT, and EXPIRES values are also listed for each message. You can sort on any of these fields by clicking their headers. Clicking a column header a second time will reverse the sort order. A maximum of 500 messages can be displayed spam quarantine.

You can view a list of all your spam-quarantined messages, or you can search for specific messages by specifying filter criteria (filtering can also help you reduce your result set if you have more than 500 messages). After searching for and locating a specific quarantined message, you can view details about the message. You can also release the message and report it as not junk to the Microsoft Spam Analysis Team.

Web-authenticated Users
Web-authenticated users only: there are some users with the Office 365 environment that only use the Portal.Office.Com to access email, calendars, contacts, and the like. Those user now have the ability to establish a password reset challenge/response in order to support their password change needs. To establish and create the challenge/response components of the password changes, the following documentation has been provided.

Web Authenticated Password Reset Challenge Documentation

Graphic Resources for You in O365

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