Information Technology - Identity Management Group

What We Do

The IT Identity Management Group (ITIMG), a sub-committee of ITEC, recommends and reviews policies, guidelines, and best practices for enterprise identity management within Kansas state government. Identity management makes use of the guidelines, regulations and procedures established to provide authentication of an individuals's identity and subsequent protocols and methods for sharing the identity between and among entities.
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Previously, members of this group worked as the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Committee under ITEC, to recommend and review policies, guidelines, and best practices for the development and implementation of Digital Signature Technology and Public Key Infrastructure within and by entities of Kansas State government. Their many years of diligent effort resulted in the adoption of the Certificate Policy for the State of Kansas Public Key Infrastructure, and works in partnership with the Information Network of Kansas (INK) to issue and manage digital certificates to individuals across multiple state agencies and local governments.

Digital Signature Certificates

Please contact the PKI Help Center for information on obtaining a digital signature account with Kansas State Government. Telephone: (785) 296-5059 or toll free: 1-800-452-6727 or email:

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