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Kansas Information Technology Architecture

The Kansas Information Technology Architecture (KITA) describes the information systems infrastructure that supports the applications used by the State. The purpose of the architecture is to guide the development of the information systems infrastructure. It describes:

  • All of the information technology used and planned for use within the State for a two year time frame.
  • The architectures of State applications (but not their application-related content).
  • The ways in which the State applications and strategies are developed and deployed within the State of Kansas.
  • The ways in which information system services are delivered to users.
  • The standards and components that are to be used to guide the development and delivery of information systems services within State agencies, and to other government entities that need to communicate with Kansas government.

Technology Architecture Links:

Readers - The Kansas Information Technology Architecture has been developed as reference and direction for the following parties:

  • Information Technology Executive Council (ITEC)
  • Joint Committee on Information Technology (JCIT)
  • Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches (CITOs)
  • Agency IT Managers
  • Agency IT planners and developers