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State of Kansas Strategic Information Management Plan

The goal of the Strategic Information Management Plan (SIM-Plan) is to coordinate information technology (IT) development throughout Kansas state government, thereby promoting citizen access, information sharing, and improved government performance. The approach is based on enhancing state-wide leadership for information technology, through coordination and communication, supported by consistent state-wide policies and processes.

The Chief Information Technology Officers of the three branches of government and the Chief Information Technology Architect, with the approval of the Information Technology Executive Council, provide guidelines for agency development of IT, work toward reducing barriers to cooperation and information sharing, coordinate resource-sharing to optimize the use of the State’s IT resources, and establish a common vision of how IT should be utilized in the State. This plan is intended to provide direction and guidance, and to support agencies as they meet their business needs through energetic and cost-effective IT implementation.

Plan Vision

Enable Kansans to enjoy a higher quality of life by having an opportunity to be more productive, healthier, better educated, and better connected with their government, their communities, and with each other by utilizing innovative Information Technology solutions.

Plan Documents

Link to Kansas Strategic Information Management (SIM) Action Plan October 2008

Link to Kansas Strategic Information Management (SIM) Plan January 2008