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OITS Guidelines Memorandums

Guidelines are documents that will parallel issued Policy and Procedures Memorandums (PPM) to let users know what specific steps or approaches are suggested to meet the policies set out in the PPMs and Standards.  Guidelines may include suggested wordings, examples or routines that experience has shown to be successful, or are thought to be useful in planning future implementations and applications.

Current OITS Guidelines Memorandums

  • G3607.02 Copying Vendor Software

  • G3609.02 DB2 DLL

  • G3610.02 Dynamic SQL

  • G3611.01 Online Production Environment

  • G3612.01 DB2 Views

  • G3613.01 Information Systems Auditing Standards

  • G4603.02 VSAM Tuning Utilities

  • G4605.05 Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) Listing Utility

  • G4607.05 Job Scheduling Software - JOBTRAC and CA-11 Availability

  • G4610.02 Compuware – STROBE MVS for Sysplex Monitoring Facility

  • G4611.01 Availability of INTEREST Support for VS COBOL II Compiler under CICS 3.3

  • G4612.00 TCPaccess - Telnet Services

  • G4614.00 TCPaccess - FTP Services

  • G4618.05 Vendor Guidelines for Application Development on DISC Computer Systems

  • G4619.02 Systems Software in the DISC Computing Center

  • G4627.00 Guideline for Energy Efficiency and "Green" Computing in DISC Data Cetners

  • G5602.00 KANWIN Services and Publications

  • G5603.00 Fraudulent Use of KANS-A-N Calling Cards