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OITS Policy and Procedure Memorandums

Policy and Procedure Memorandums (PPMs) are documents distributed outside OITS to inform agencies of established policies and procedures that affect them.

Current OITS Policy and Procedure Memorandums

  • P1203 Security Clearance Level I

  • P2203 DISC Central Mail Processing Precedures

  • P2204 DISC Router/Switch/Firewall Password Policies and Procedures

  • P2205 DISC Router and Switch Security Policies and Procedures

  • P4201 Software Available: OnLine ZIP+4 Directory

  • P4209 Naming CICS Resources

  • P4210 Requesting CICS Resources

  • P4211 Migrating CISC Programs into Production

  • P4212 CICS/Windows

  • P4213 Security Policies Governing the DISC Data Center

  • P4214 DISC Data Center Policies and Procedures

  • P4215 Procedures for requesting the retrievel of a tape from the Vault

  • P4218 DISC Offsite Data Center Policies and Procedures

  • P4219 Notification for Environmental Monitoring System of TODC

  • P4221 OITS Key Control

  • P5208 Telecommunications Service Intervals

  • P5213 Equipment Loan Policy for the DISC Customer Support Center (CSC)

  • P5217 Threatening Phone Calls

  • P5219 Physical Security of DISC Telecommunications Equipment Spaces

  • P5223 Topeka Metropolitan Area Network Additions to KANWIN

  • P5225 Restricting Media Access Controller (MAC) Address per Switch Port

  • P5226 Voice Mail Retention Policy

  • P5228 Office of Information Technology Services (OITS) Telecommunications Equipment Room (TER) Policies and Procedures

  • P5230 IP Phone Background Images

  • P5231 OITS Central Office Uninterruptable Power Supply Policy

  • P9200 Standard Workstation Configuration

  • P9201 Requests for Administrative Rights

  • P9202 File Sharing Software

  • P9203 Downloading Music (MP3) Files

  • P9204 Responsibility for Implementing and Operating Informtion Technology Controls

  • P9207 ID Badges/Electronic Card Key Management

  • P9209 Information Security Policies, Procedures and Baselines