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OITS Standards Memorandums

Standards are documents issued to inform agencies of established OITS basic operating tenets that will be relatively unchanged over a period of time. The state information services community must conform to these standards by OITS.

Current OITS Standards Memorandums

  • S3404.03 Top Secret Administration

  • S3406.02 DB2 Environment

  • S3407.01 DB2 Duties and Responsibilities

  • S4401.00 Creation of STROBE Administrators in State Agencies

  • S4406.01 Standards and Procedures for the Use of ZIP+4 Software

  • S4409.00 Usage of the MVS TCPaccess Product

  • S4415.02 Job Classes and CPU Time for the DISC OS/390 Operating System(s)

  • S4418.04 Job Scheduling System - JOBTRAC and CA-11

  • S4423.08 Standard Two-Character Agency/Department Abbreviations and Their Use in Naming Conventions for the DISC Computer Center

  • S4424.00 Automated TSO "Receives" via OPSMVS and JOBTRAC

  • S4427.01 Formats for Issuance of Dataset Open and Close Activity for CICS VSAM and BDAM Datasets

  • S4428.03 MVS Print Facility - CA Spool

  • S4431.08 Standard Esoteric Names For Device Access

  • S4436.02 Assembler Language Availability

  • S4443.05 Convention for User Identification to DISC's MVS Computer Systems

  • S4444.06 Standard Procedures for the Expanded Use of Time Sharing Option (TSO)

  • S4446.02 Netview Distribution Manager (NDM) Standard

  • S4452.01 ADASQL Standard

  • S4453.03 DISC Procedures for OFF SITE Tape Cartridges

  • S4457.01 Report Distribution System (RDS) – CA-View (formerly SAR) and CA-Deliver (formerly RMO)

  • S4460.04 Allocation of Datasets under MVS/DFSMS

  • S4461.02 Maintenance of the JES2 Spool to Alleviate Critical Spool Problems. (This covers all jobs submitted to, or received by either the DISC MVS System or the SRS MVS System since they share the JES2 Spool)

  • S4462.01 Statewide Accessed Datasets

  • S4464.04 OS/390 Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) Space Requests

  • S4465.02 File Server Backup – TIVOLI Storage Manager

  • S4466.00 Maintaining CA/1 Vault Patterns Used by the DISC Mainframe

  • S4467.00 DISC Supported Program Compile Procedures

  • S5406.01 DISC Supported Program Compile Procedures

  • S5410.03 Response Times to Telecommunications Trouble Reports

  • S5411.01 Authorized Use of the Premise Distribution System

  • S5412.01 Bridged Conference Calling

  • S5413.01 DISC Standard on Kansas Wide Area Information Network (KANWIN) TCP/IP Addressing and Naming

  • S5414.00 Devices on the State Data Networks

  • S5415.02 Capitol Complex Video Conference Facility

  • S5417.01 MICROSOFT Windows NT KANWIN Services

  • S6400.00 Novell Local Area Network (LAN) Naming/Numbering