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Unified Communications and Collaboration

UCC is not a single technology but instead, several separate technologies coming together in a 'unified' manner. The definition of UCC on the most basic level is; provisioning of voice, data and video with a single connection method (copper wire or fiber). Hence, voice, data and video will run on one wire. They are on three separate and distinct connection points currently.

The features or functionality that UCC creates will aid in increased efficiencies for state government. Methods of communication will be enhanced with implementation of UCC. State employees working in the field around the state will have improved communication capabilities. As an example, UCC will allow for a state government voice/data network with the ability to call any other state office anywhere in the state toll-free. Some of the features of UCC include:

Office Communications Server (OCS)
Instant Messaging (IM)
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
Web, Video, and Audio Conferencing
Presence Awareness
Digital Media Studio