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Unified Communications and Collaboration - Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Usage Questions

  • When I was on the phone, the phone beeped in my ear with another call coming into my primary line. How do I answer the new call?

  • Why can’t I make a long distance call by using “#8” anymore?

  • Sometimes when I answer a call, there is nobody “on the line” until a few seconds after I pick up the receiver. What’s going on?

General Phone Questions

  • My phone's screen is blank every morning when I get to work. Why?

  • Does my phone still work if the Internet is down?

  • What is the “AUX” port used for on the back of my phone?

  • Do I always have to press the “Headset” button to answer calls on my headset?

  • How do I check my voicemail from my new phone?

  • How do I “pick up” a call from another phone?

  • How do I transfer a call to someone else?

  • How does Call-Forward-All work? How do I use it?

  • How do I know if my phone is forwarded to another phone (call-forward-all)?

  • Can I forward all of my calls to Voicemail?

  • How do I adjust the tilt of my phone on my desk?

  • Can I call someone else if I’m already talking with another person?

  • Are all State employees in the Corporate Directory?

  • What is the “DirTrfr” softkey?

  • What is the “HLog” softkey?

  • What is a Hunt Pilot?

  • What is the “QRT” softkey?

  • Why does my ringtone do a “solid” versus “stuttered” ring?

  • What does the “Services” button do?

  • How do I know if I have new voicemail messages?

  • What features are available with the new phone system?

  • I've heard that we can make calls using a PC (like Skype). Can we do that with the new system?

  • Can my phone number be suppressed when I call someone that is not on the new State phone system?

  • What Caller-ID shows up on external (off-net) phones when I call them?

  • What Caller-ID shows up on my phone when people call me?

  • Is there training available for my phone?

  • What Cisco phone models are currently supported by the State?

  • What happens when I dial 911?

  • If my 2nd button is a “shared line”, can I “call-forward-all” my second line to another phone?

  • Can I create my own speed dials?

  • What is the “Personal Address Book”?

  • Can I upload my own background image?

  • Can I upload my own ringtone?

  • Can I plug 2 phones into 1 data jack?

  • Can I forward a call (or call-forward-all) a call to a fax machine?

  • How do "800" numbers work?

TSS Questions and Answers

Phone Troubleshooting

  • I moved my phone to my new office, but now my PC and phone don’t work even after I plugged it back in to the network.

  • How can I reset(reboot) my phone if I think it may be causing problems with my PC?

  • My phone’s screen is dark and there are no lights on the phone. My PC is also not able to connect to the network. What should I do?

  • I hear “echo” during some of my calls. What is going on?

  • My phone says “Configuring IP” on the screen and I cannot make any calls.

  • My phone says “Registering” on the screen and I cannot make any calls.

  • CJIS Agencies: My phone says "VPN Authentication Failed"